Location: Bay Area

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: l45bs


bust 34”   

waist 22”

hips 34”


photographer Credit:

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Who was your inspiration to model?

My inspiration to start modeling would definitely have to be Tyra Banks, growing up watching her and loving everything she did is what started me having a genuine interest in it! 

How has your experience in the modeling world been so far?
Any great experiences in particular?

So far in the modeling industry I’ve had great experiences thanks to brinic co! The first shoot I ever did was amazing, gave me confidence I didn’t know I had and made me feel beautiful!! I’ve done lots of shoot with other photographers and they’ve all be respectful! 

Do men approach you all the time or are they intimidated?

Men are usually intimidated by me haha I do have a RBF lol but it’s nice bc I like a confident man, and if I scare you it’s not gonna work out lol

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