Location: New Jersey

Height: 5' 6"

 Instagram: @Tarajohnson918

Facebook:  Tarah Jae
Snapchat:  t_model

Twitter:  jaetarah

Photographer Credits:

Ronald G. Stevenson

Interview with Tarah Jae!

How did you get into the industry?

My Mom had actually got me started modeling.

What is your nationality(s)?

I am mixed with European on my mom side and African
American on my dad side.

What’s your favorite part about modeling?

I love traveling seeing new places and meeting new people.

How do you feel about being in the market you are in (the area of the country you live in) advantage or disadvantage?

I would have to say advantage since I like how my
career is going. I travel so much that I’m not home often.

What do you do to prepare for photo shoots and/or events? Not much just the normal maintenance women do (hair, nails, not much but a little makeup).

Do you ever get tired of being a model and living the model life?

I would have to say no, I actually love living the model life. I’m always travel seeing different parts of the world, I just got back from Jamaica and it was wonderful.

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