What is a Sure Shot? A Sure Shot is a model that is on her way and will be doing very well as long as she stays focused and doesn't get derailed.






Location: DELAWARE

Height: 5' 0"

Weight: 95lbs

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IG: @misseastcoast711

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Instagram: @Boudoir_by_Lemar

Here's a preview from our interview with TORI!

How Did You Get Into Modeling?
It's quite a crazy story actually. I was working for a local pizza company in my area. There was a gentleman that always came in to order food to go or eat in. When he decided to eat in one day I was his server. As time passed, I approached the table to ask him for his order. Proceeding forward he brought up that was a photographer in the local area. He kept telling me how beautiful I was & I should consider the career. Me, thinking not much of it at the time kinda just blew it off as in yeah yeah. I'm way to short to be even considered for something like that. As the night goes by, at the end of his meal as I go to give him his check. He hands me his business card & replies by stating "if your ever interested in getting started, let me know". As the weeks went by I truly contemplated that moment as I held his card in my hand. After sleeping on it for about 2 weeks, one morning I woke up on my day off, called him, got all the information I needed to know to proceed further & that is when I set up my very first photoshoot in the summer of July of 2017.

Yoga Pants Or Sundress?
This is definitely a tough one considering I love wearing both, but I've got to go with the sundress for the win on this one.

What categories of modeling do you enjoy most?
I love modeling anything that shows both my & the photographers creative side. Weather that's anything from fashion photography, street photography, portraits, or even boudoir work. The category i enjoy most I'd say would be my implied work. The fact that I can keep my audience guessing & wanting more is what I enjoy most.


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