What is a Sure Shot? A Sure Shot is a model that is on her way and will be doing very well as long as she stays focused and doesn't get derailed.






Location: DALLAS, TX

Height: 4' 11"

Weight: 100lbs


Waist: 27

Bust: 32

Hips: 32

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IG: @monayjenelle

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Instagram: @dallasphotos007

Here's a preview from our interview with Monay!

If you could live and model in any part of the world where would it be? 

  • California 

What sets you apart from other models? 

  • no matter how many no’s I get I’m always gonna keep going!

What kind of man are you attracted to?

  • I’m attracted to all types of men, I love them all. 

What is the most sensitive part of your body?

  • either my hair or my ass. I never knew why but a lot of men get turned on by my hair and my ass. It's big for someone my size. 

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